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Quality Management

                                                          Our social responsibility

DIN ISO 2                                                            ISO 26000 “Guidance for social responsibility of organizations”


The ISO 26000 is not a management systems standard – it is intended solely as a guideline for social responsibility and therefore can not be certified.
Of course we stick to this guide in every step we take. Fair competition, transparent business practices and responsible action create a mutual trust
and show a positive impact on partnerships with other companies, suppliers, but also to our own business environment. Even when communicating
with customers, we continuously optimize our customer service and complaint management. The satisfaction of our customers is the basis of our
business. We only offer those products and services that are safe for our customers and dont bear an unacceptable risk in it.

The seven fundamental principles that make our company strong.

  • Perceive our accountability
  • Compliance of the transparency
  • Ethical behavior
  • Considering the interest of every party
  • Recognition of the rule of law
  • Comply with the international standards of behavior

In order to fulfill our social responsibility, we always make sure that our partners also follow these principles and respect of public health is a priority in
every decision. Another important point in our company policy is the development of the expertise of our employees and a quality improvement on all




Our Aspiration – certification of the company

EN ISO 9001 standard – the demanding level of quality


In order to meet the demands of the international market, you have to build solid, long-term customer relationships. Who does not keep the quality
standards for its products, will be promptly removed from the market. Customers should return and not the product.

We, as a component supplier to the cosmetic industry are committed to provide ecologically clean products with consistent quality properties.
As a quality conscious and customer-oriented company, we have set an important milestone:

– let our quality management system be certified by independent appraisers in 2015. Because quality is also a leading principle at PrinWest Trade,
we will take all necessary steps in order to optimize our quality management in order to fulfill all the requirements of ISO 9001.


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